About the International School of Engineering

Dubna School of Engineering (Higher School of Physics and Engineering) is a common initiative of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and Dubna State University. It trains specialists to design and operate physical installations and equipment used to solve scientific tasks and develop advanced technologies.

The educational program of Dubna School of Engineering encompasses general subjects that are common for higher technical education as well as special courses that include practical training at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and its partner organizations.

The School accepts the most talented students of Dubna State University from corresponding courses. Applications are filed after the first semester. One of the most important features of the School is extensive practical training and numerous project activities.

Students of Dubna School of Engineering are offered larger scholarship. Upon graduation, a student receives not only a state diploma, but also a diploma of Dubna School of Engineering and the certificates of additional and vocational education, which testify to their training.

Alumni of Dubna School of Engineering can work on large JINR projects such as megascience-class NICA project, the Super Heavy Element Factory and future projects.


Dubna School of Engineering is focused primarily on training the elite engineering personnel for Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR). JINR is an international intergovernmental organization and scientific center of universal renown, a unique example of integration of fundamental theoretical and experimental research with the development and application of advanced technology and university education. JINR is highly rated in the world scientific community.

The successful development of JINR presupposes, above all, integration of fundamental science, broad innovative activity and remarkable educational programs, elaboration of research and social infrastructure, as well as integration into the European research community, expansion of international cooperation and transition to international research standards.

School’s Objectives:
  • attracting most talented students from Dubna University and JINR’s Member States
  • modern technical education and practical training of engineers
  • to meet challenges in realizing current and perspective JINR projects
  • Supported by JINR Scientific-Technical Council 16.06.2017, by Scientific Council of Dubna State University 26.01.2018
Guidelines of the School:
  • PRACTICAL AND FUNDAMENTAL EDUCATION: broad practical skills, deep math, IT, training to work at JINR present and new basic facilities
  • ELITE EDUCATION: selection of most talented students of Dubna U
  • INTENATIONAL EDUCATION: attraction of students from JINR Member Stats
  • HIGH-LEVEL TEACHING STAFF from JINR and leading universities
  • CREATION OF MODERN EDUCATIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE: joint efforts of JINR and Dubna U, using dedicated JINR facilities at UC
Split of Responsibilities:
  • Dubna University: management, student attraction and selection, organization of education, opening new programs, creation and maintenance of the education facilities and etc
  • JINR: help to hire and support leading professors, elaborate on education programs, create new university facilities, provide UC facilities for trainings, attraction and support of students from Member States
DSU has...
Dubna State University (DSU) is ranked 56 among top-100 Russian Universities (according to 2017 RaExpert Rating)
JINR based
a college and vocational studies programmes
a gym
engineering centers
many laboratories
4 dormitories