Engineering Physics Institute

The Institute of Engineering and Physics is a part of Dubna State University. The Head of the Institute is Evgeny Aleksandrovich Davydov, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and the author of over 20 scientific papers on fundamental physics and the application of mathematical modeling methods in research, Senior Research Associate of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

The Moscow region has traditionally been the place for knowledge-intensive high-technology manufacturers, research centers and the leading enterprises of the military-industrial complex. For example, the city of Dubna houses researchers in the priority areas of the country’s economy: informational, biological, medical, nuclear technologies and nanotechnologies, composite materials, design of complex technical systems, security systems. All of this influences the regional labor market. There is a high demand for qualified engineers.

To meet this demand, the Institute of Engineering and Physics was organized in 2019. It is based on departments that train specialists in nuclear physics, automation, electrical engineering, aircraft engineering and design of electronic systems. The key advantage of the Institute is the active participation of the best employers in the educational process. The education is offered with regard to real practical training. Before the graduation, students actively interact with future employers and perform thesis research on modern equipment under the supervision of highly trained specialists. As a result, the graduates possess skills that make them sought-after. The Institute trains specialists in the following spheres: Nuclear Physics and Technology, Physics, Aircraft Engineering, Electric Power and Electric Engineering, Design and Technology of Electronic Means.

The graduates find employment in such organizations as:

  • Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, a large international research center implementing megascience projects;
  • Experimental Design Bureau “Aerospace Systems”, developing onboard systems and equipment for aircraft;
  • State Machinery Design Bureau “Raduga”, developing cutting-edge projects for the military-industrial complex;
  • Research and Manufacturing Complex “Dedal”, one of the leaders of the security industry in the Russian Federation.

Davydov Evgeny

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

General information

Educational programs:
Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree
Contact name:
Valentina Viktorovna Beteneva
+7 (49621) 66180
19 Universitetskaya st., Dubna, Moscow region, Russia, 141980
Office hours:
Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Department of Physical and technical systems
Department of Nuclear physics
Department of Personal electronics
Department of Fundamental problems of microworld physics