About University

The university has recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary and the numerous achievements in different areas.

From the moment of its foundation, the university has been developing as a classical institution of higher education. It offers 45 bachelor’s, master’s degree and postgraduate programs in natural, social and human science and information technology.

All applicants can choose distance learning – it is an opportunity to receive education regardless of age, place of residence and employment.

Dubna State University today

  • Highly qualified faculty;
  • Strategic relationship with Joint Institute for Nuclear Research;
  • Collaboration with high technology companies of the special economic zone "Dubna";
  • Different forms of integration of education with practical training;
  • Advanced material and technical capabilities.

University at a glance:

  • 4 faculties
  • 35 departments
  • 92 Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s Degree programs
  • +100 additional education programs
  • 21 phD programs
  • 10% of the best universities in the World
  • 68 place in the RAEX rating-100 universities of Russia
  • 41 place "50 best in natural science programs"
  • 65 place "100 best in engineering and technical programs"
% alumni hold executive positions in Russia’s largest companies (RAEX-600)

Basic departments train specialists for the NICA megascience project, which is carried out in Dubna by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.


Yuri Oganessian is a scientist of international renown, scientific leader of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and Head of the Department of Nuclear Physics of Dubna State University.

Over 50

Dubna State University cooperates in the field of education and research with various foreign organizations from more than 10 countries, including Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, USA, Egypt, Poland, Iran, Spain, Slovenia, Mongolia, Finland, Belgium, Japan.

Over 8000
  • Over 5000 students of higher education
  • Over 3000 students of secondary professional education
  • 267 international students
Research laboratories
  • 26educational and scientific laboratories
  • 4 production sites in the prototypingcenter
+ 150
student life
entertainment and intellectual, cultural and social events are held annually at the university
"Friendship of peoples" /"Just dance" /Kinofestival "Goodwin" /NEW YEAR'S BALL /SERIES OF GAMES "GUESS THE MELODY" /"Mr & miss UNIVERSITY" /"Good day" /"Hug your university"...

Graduate Reviews

“The university helped me to become a specialist in intercultural communication, because every nation has its own unique features that must be taken into account in the work process. My foreign colleagues point out a high level of English proficiency, which is also a merit of the teachers of the linguistics department. ”

Potekhina Julia Andreevna
Year of release: 2007, Department: linguistics

“We received a comprehensive education at the university. We had to work in a large amount of information from different areas of knowledge, within the framework of various disciplines <...>

Of the disciplines - organization management, economics, marketing, accounting, business planning

We learned to systematize a large amount of data and extract the essence of the information received. In the course of constant communication with teachers, with fellow students, we learned to communicate with different people ... "

Karimov Dmitry Salavatovich
Year of release: 2001, Department: management

“... the level of education at Dubna University is high. Of course, a lot depends on the person and his qualities, but with a good base after graduation, the graduate feels more comfortable and confident and will likely receive a higher starting salary. ”

Rybachuk Maxim Aleksandrovich
Year of release: 2012, Department: Economics

“A lot of good general subjects (biology, cultural studies, chemistry, physics, etc.), they were taught by dedicated teachers. Thanks to their interest in our education, I can support any topic in virtually any language I know, and 20 years after graduation, I remember a lot from the course of study. ”

Baraney Lyudmila Vyacheslavovna
Year of release: 2000, Department: ISAM

“There was a great faculty at the University ...

The SAU Institute itself ... is incredibly good with its teachers. Most of them are practices. Thanks to our teachers, we knew Excel virtuously, studied databases, programming, etc. At the 2-3 course, when I went to the first practice, I understood what skills I already had, although I am still studying at the University. ”

Shilova Nadezhda Sergeevna
Year of release: 2002, Department: ISAM

“I was taught everything from engineering hydrogeology to economics and linear algebra, which helps me at work, and, most importantly, it taught me to learn ... all the lectures were useful - both mathematics and environmental management”

Nikitin Viktor Maksimovich
Year of release: 2008, Department: ecology

“Our teachers, indeed, tried to teach us something and“ ignited ”our interest. I had the opportunity to compare studies at two universities, first I studied 4 years at Chuvash State University, and then 2 years at the magistracy in Dubna, and I received most of the knowledge I need now at work here.”

Proforov Sergey Aleksandrovich
Year of release: 2008, Department: ISAM

... it was and remains important what we learned, some things I use so far. The programs of the first courses were useful to all and to all, because excellent teachers taught basic things

Petrosyan Artem Shmavonovich
Year of release: 2000, Department: ISAM

“For all the time of my studies and public work at the University, the university management has always supported me, both administratively and with advice. Everyone was going to meet me and understood that what I was doing was right.

My specialty (economics and management) allowed me to combine what I did in practice with education. Now I am doing this directly as a deputy for economic development and investment, my work has been and remains related to what I studied. ”

Smirnov Nikita Alexandrovich
Year of release: 2011, Department: Project Management

“Good teachers and leadership at the ACS department where I studied. There are not so many couples left at senior courses and students can safely begin working full time ... Everyone understands that students need not only to wean and give a diploma, but to make them specialists in demand ... The department encourages students' independence and development and is always ready to help them "

Zhivetev Alexander Viktorovich
Year of release: 2011, Department: ISAM

“Strong teaching staff.

 Trained to learn by yourself. Finding information, analyzing it - gave the skills of how to work with the material in order to use it already in their own interests.

Yushchenkova Darya Viktorovna
Year: 2007, Department: Psychology

“I believe that, along with the high level of the educational process, the best thing in our University is that students in it are trying to help not only master the basics of the profession, but also turn them into educated people in a broader sense. It was training at the Department of Biophysics of the University “Dubna” that allowed me to fully understand what it means to “get sick” with science: here talented people helped me to appreciate the importance of fundamental scientific research and research of the surrounding world. ”

Reed Mikhail Vladislavovich
Year of release: 2012, Department of Biophysics

“Studying at the Department of Biophysics helped me decide on the choice of a future profession, and the study of basic disciplines allowed me to engage in research from the fifth year. At the moment, I am a junior researcher in the Mathematical Modeling Sector of the LRB JINR, one of the largest research institutes in the world. The knowledge gained in the course of training allows for research at the international level.”

Tuchina Maria
Year of production: 2010, Department of Biophysics