Dmitry Fursaev

Rector, Doctor of Physical and mathematical Sciences

Dear friends!

Our University has celebrated its twentieth anniversary, and we can look back with pride at our impressive record of achievements in different areas. Our history is written by extraordinary, talented and determined people whose contribution is invaluable. Over the years, the educational and scientific potential of our university has been growing. New departments and courses have been created. The university boasts an excellent campus, a palace of sports, modern classrooms, as well as educational and scientific infrastructure that includes laboratories, an engineering center and a prototyping center for functioning electronic devices.
The mission of our university is to train specialists who combine high professional skills with deep interdisciplinary knowledge. The very location of the university makes a major contribution to our mission. The university is situated in Dubna, the city of science that has gained international renown through fundamental scientific discoveries. Dubna is becoming one of the leading innovation centers in Russia. The rich scientific tradition of Dubna has factored greatly in creating a unique corporate environment among teachers and students.
University achievements:
  • The university acquired a position in TOP-100 Russian Federation Universities Ranking in 2016 (65th place according to RAEXpert agency). In 2017, the university has risen to the 56th place.
  • The university holds the 5th place among vocational education organizations in the finals of Young Professionals national championship (WorldSkills Russia) 2016. The university acts according to principles of temporal and regional relevance. Our participation in WorldSkills Russia 2016 has been rewarded with gold and silver medals, and a medal for highest skill.
  • Our alumni employment rates are significantly higher than the average for Russia: more than 90% of alumni found employment, of which 75% according to their speciality; around 40% work in the field of science, education and high technologies.
  • The university holds the 2nd place in university reputation ranking in the sphere of management (economics, finance, legal studies) as ranked in «Social Navigator» project by «Russia Today» media group in 2015. 
  • The university possesses an evolving system of seven basic departments created in collaboration with key employers. Dubna is the site of the NICA megascience project (JINR). Joint Institute for Nuclear Research has officially offered our university to train required specialists, and most importantly, to become a member of the NICA project. The university is already carrying out R&D for the NICA project.
  • The university possesses high scientific potential. According to the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) as of April 1, 2016, our university holds leading positions in key spheres: 4th place in the number of publications in foreign journals and in the g-index; 5th place in the h-index (Hirsch index); 6th place in the number of publications in journals included in the Web of Science or Scopus; 7th place in the number of citations in RSCI, etc. Among the universities of the Moscow region, Dubna State University holds 1-2 places in all key spheres of RSCI.
Dubna State University offers an engaging process of education and a chance for everyone to acquire a profession and find a job that suits them best. At our university, everyone is welcome to receive quality education.
We are looking forward to seeing you at our university!