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Students of the University of Naples Federico II attend courses at Dubna State University
26 March 2019

The development of an international multicultural environment is one of the top priorities of the university. The programs of academic mobility are being actively organized for faculty, students and postgraduate students.

During the spring semester of 2018-2019, Dubna State University is implementing a new student exchange program in cooperation with the University of Naples. The exchange is organized within the framework of the master’s degree program in Physics. Three students from Dubna State University are attending courses in the University of Naples. Dubna State University and JINR have created a special educational program in English for the two exchange students from Italy – Calabrese Roberta and Prisco Maria-Renato (students of the first year of the master’s degree program in Theoretical Physics). Our faculty, the leading experts in theoretical physics, give special courses for the exchange students. The Italian guests have expressed their appreciation of the education in Dubna.

Renato Maria-Prisco shares her impressions about Dubna State University: «Studying in Dubna is fantastic. We attend very interesting lectures about Theoretical Physics at JINR and our professors really inspire us and make us want to learn more and more. People we met are very polite and they have made our first weeks here easier. They showed us the city, give us a lot of advices and we spent a wonderful time together. We are really enjoying our time here in Dubna, because we love meeting people from other countries and learning about different cultures».

The university plans to provide similar academic exchange opportunities for every educational program, so that every department could send the most talented students to study at a foreign university for a long period of time.