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Nikolay Fedorov and Ilya Postolov, students of the Institute of System Analysis and Management return to Dubna after a semester study at Kindai University (Japan)
11 February 2020

Nikolay Fedorov and Ilya Postolov, students of the Institute of System Analysis and Management return to Dubna after a semester study at Kindai University (Japan).
Kindai University and Dubna State University are implementing an exchange program for the students of the 3rd year in Engineering and Natural Science.

Nikolay Fedorov, student of the Department of Information Technologies of the Institute of System Analysis and Management:
“Last semester I had the luck of participating in a student exchange program with Kindai University, Japan. It was an incredible opportunity to experience the differences in culture while getting to know people from other countries and the particularities of everyday and working life in Japan.
In Japan, we studied the Monodukuri program, which aims to train future engineers, so during the semester we studied various disciplines related to the profession, such as physics, chemistry, programming, and machine learning. The main feature of the program was the abundance of practice: after a brief explanation of the material, we began practical work, which helped us learn the material. The most memorable experience was the internship at a Japanese company (the place of internship was individually selected for each student), where we were developing servers and websites with students from Kindai University. Also, when we applied, we were to choose a laboratory corresponding to our field of study, where we would be working on an individual project during the semester. The classes in Japanese an elective discipline with different levels of language proficiency.
I would like to express my gratitude to Dubna State University for the opportunity to participate in this program, and for the experience gained in Japan”.

Ilya Postolov, student of the Department of Distributed Information Computing Systems of the Institute of System Analysis and Management:
“Dubna State University gave me a rare opportunity to personally experience a unique culture in one of the most amazing countries in the world. Studying at Kindai University in Osaka is a chance to get a real professional experience in a different language environment, to get acquainted with the Japanese educational system and student life.
We studied the program for Monodukuri Engineer. This program included courses in applied chemistry, physics, programming and instrumentation, which are necessary for future specialists in design and construction of urban infrastructure. A distinctive feature of this program was that we could choose additional seminars in our field of study and undergo specialized internship in Japanese companies. The Monodukuri program also included courses in Japanese. It was incredibly interesting to immerse oneself in the peculiar culture of the country and to get to know the Japanese mentality not only through learning the language, but also through live communication in a working team. I learned a lot about such a truly unique country, and looked at my own culture from another perspective.
I thank Dubna State University and the Prototyping Center for the opportunity to take a different look at myself and my knowledge, to appreciate the incredible technological progress of a country and to think about the trends in global technological development”.