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Guest from the Czech Republic: Dr. L. Pospíšilová visits Dubna State University
2 July 2018

On 17-24 June 2018, Lubica Pospíšilová, Doctor of the Faculty of Agronomy of Mednel University in Brno (Czech Republic), visited Dubna State University.

Dr. L. Pospíšilová reviewed Bachelor’s, Master’s Degree programs, and postgraduate programs at the Department of Ecology and Earth Sciences, saw the equipment of educational and research laboratories, took part in fieldwork together with the members of the Department. She also attended the defense of Bachelor’s Degree Theses in Ecology and environmental management. Dr. L. Pospíšilová commended the high level of professional training of students and a wide range of research conducted at the Department of Ecology and Earth Sciences.

During the visit, Dr. L. Pospíšilová discussed the prospects for trilateral research carried out by Dubna State University, Mendel University in Brno and Laboratory of Neutron Physics of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.