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Conference "German Multicultural Society"
12 November 2018

On 1 November 2018, the students of the Department of Linguistics (group 4042) held a conference in German, where they presented the results of their research on the project “German Multicultural Society: Social Practices of Cooperation”.

In their reports, students gave a review of social practices of intercultural communication in Germany. Nowadays, these practices are particularly important because of the globalization processes that have led to a large influx of refugees to Europe.

Students analyzed the initiatives of societies and associations aimed at integrating refugees into German society, such as “Projekt Ankommen”. They also reviewed the challenges that Germany is facing right now, such as the problem of parallel communities, when foreigners who do not speak German create societies that dwell, shop and receive treatment separately from other citizens.

Moderators Elizaveta Burlakova and Irina Kireeva contributed to the creation of a dynamic and productive atmosphere. Docent G. Efimova coordinated the entire event.